Friday, 3 June 2016


Last weeks Presentation went well I think. I think I could have included more detail, but I think, like many people, I am feeling my way through this project as I have never really done anything like this before.
I picked up a lot of inspiration from the other presentations, and its nice to feel the support of everyone else too. It feels like a real community.

My next step is to get to grips with the interview footage.  Its been a busy week at the university with the end of year work, so now I can devote some time to going thru the footage and making some sense of it all and then start ploughing through all the related research.
It feels quite overwhelming, and I’m still not entirely sure about the outcome, in terms of how its presented, so I hope the lectures that are upcoming will help there.

The research project has come at an interesting time.
Inevitably, I’m having some doubts about being a teacher.
The truth is that I’ve been making films for twenty years and you cant just switch that impulse off.
Its been, and continues to be, a huge adjustment to make. 
I think the biggest challenge is not the actual teaching but all the other duties, particularly now the term is over.
I find it incredibly difficult to sit in meetings and listen to dialogue when Ive always been a man of action.

Also, being your own boss for twenty years makes being a cog in a machine rather tough…