Thursday, 11 February 2016

Back on board

Its been quite a while since my last confession!

The Active Learning presentation went really well, and I'm pleased I did so much research and prepared so thoroughly.  A great feeling of accomplishment.

But also, in all honesty, my initial reticence about academia seems to be fading and I am genuinely feeling like the theories are making sense to me and adding to my teaching skills.

Its now incumbent on me to keep up with the research now, but more importantly, start to incorporate the theories into my teaching going forward.
I think this whole experience is going to influence how I plan lectures next academic year.  I will be paying close attention to structuring lectures and bringing the pluralistic approach to my future lectures, with more content and also more variety and breaks etc.

I will upload the full video of my engagement exercise to vimeo and look to up on my next update.

NB more updates.

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