Tuesday, 26 January 2016


Time to embrace, and stop analysing!
So, Ive thrown myself into the research.
Some of the material feels like its obfuscating some very basic information for the sake of terminology, but actually, much of the anecdotal info is very interesting...

One thing, in the research to date, is that i can see already that engagement from students is a big issue.  How does one make them open up during class and participate?
Thats a very interesting area, because students, if left alone, will sit and listen and then file out at the end.
Reading some of the support materials and seeing some of the exercises suggested prompted me into trying my own exercise last week.
I got the students to do "25 words or less on their favourite film" and they had to then nominate a class mate to do the same.
It got everyone engaged a bit more I feel.
The test will be to then deliver some teaching and see if the number of hands or questions increases AFTER such an exercise.
I will build this into the next lecture i deliver and aim to film that lecture too to see how that goes.

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