Thursday, 3 March 2016

Reflections on Pedagogy and Andragogy

Yesterday Saint John Walker, the course leader for VFX at NUA delivered an interesting presentation on the nature of teaching, and developed the terms Pedagogy and Andragogy.

Its something I have been having a debate about with a lecturer on the Photography course.  He was claiming that Pedagogy is a term better suited to School children than young adults.

Saint discussed the terminology and the key distinction for me was the idea that teaching is delivered by a teacher and learning is defined by a teacher for pedagogy, whereas with Andragogy the learning aspect of the classroom is led by the student, planning what they need to put directly into practice.

It strikes me with the FMIP course that I teach on that the nature of learning starts with a pedagogical approach, as students tend to find independent study a difficult concept and need time to adapt to becoming self-motivated learners and, in particular, embracing the concept of deep learning.
This then develops through to the third year of the course when students have to work largely independently and with only nurturing guidance towards their final graduation piece.  Which to me, strikes me as a more andragogical approach, where many of the things that students are taught will have direct relevance to their industry career.

Its an area that Id like to look at more, particularly as I have been placed in charge of Year 0, which is particularly interested in developing students into independent studiers.

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