Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Unit 2 thoughts

Initially I couldn't think what the unit 2 research project would be and how to build on the work I had done so far for the PGCERT, and then it fell easily into place today.
I have, thus far, talked about my reflections about being a teacher and also the different types of learning types I will face in class, and how to address and engage them.

What i didn't consider was encouraging input from those actually learning!
and then, it made even more sense to incorporate my own practice into this exercise.

The idea snowballed into a fully fledged research project that incorporated the use of video and the facilities on my own film course!

The proposal I have is to film first and second year film students discussing their own thoughts on the types of learning they have and what stimulates them as learners.  and possibly the most exciting question of all for me as a teacher.  What is that spark that makes a leaner sit up and feel engaged and excited by the subject?  Which then leads to deeper learning and the desire to research further and apply to their own practice?

My approach will be to book the film studio and use a film MA student (someone objective, and importantly non-threatening or "leading") to be the interviewer.
The MA student would be able to have on-camera conversations with 1st/2nd year film students and get to the heart of their learning experience.

I can then edit these (maybe 12) interviews together and mix with a lecture I will deliver later in April.

From this I can then write up my thoughts and reflections on the responses and how the responses can be contextualised with a broader research.

Hopefully this will be a perfect extension of my existing research and analysis into understanding my role as teacher and the nature of learning and quest for deeper learning!

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