Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Losing confidence

One of the things I'm interested in exploring, and this is quite surprising to me, is my loss of confidence in teaching ability.
Strangely enough, its linked with me becoming a full time lecturer.
I think being a HPL carried a large degree of freedom.  To the students you're a rock star who drifts in and drifts out and does their own thing.
Much less responsibility.

Becoming a full time member of staff I find myself questioning what i do and reflecting on my teaching style.  Am I impacting on the students and are they retaining material?
I think, much of it goes to who I am as a person.  i do push myself very hard and want to excel at what i do, so I do put myself under a lot of scrutiny.

One of the things Ive found myself doing is getting student feedback.  Now... I'm not entirely sure this is a good thing, and this is an important area I will be pursuing in research - is it a relationship between student and teacher, or should there still be a retention of the teacher as "instructor", for better or worse?   IE. does one keep a professional distance - and does this factor in to student engagement etc?

With 57 students to cater for, there will be lots of different levels, and again, one wonders how its possible to target effective teaching across a diverse range of skill levels.

My next step is to look at the teaching materials and immerse myself now in all the reading materials so I can feel more confident in making links to the teaching theory with my own practice.

To be honest, I think regardless, I should be doing this, as it would be presumptuous to assume that I could do this without that kind of support!

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