Tuesday, 26 January 2016

the challenge

The initial thinking is to present my active learning session presentation on the challenges of adapting a theoretical framework to a “production” led film course and the emphasis on practice-based learning rather than the more academic framework.
Also, the course recruits (me, as a case in point) production-based personnel, and de-emphasises academic qualification, so the learning curve is very steep.  much of the language is quite alien to me and as such its quite difficult to find ways to latch-on to that style of thinking.

Its fair to say theres a dichotomy here. I “have” to be academically qualified to teach - and I accept that I have to learn pedagogical skills in order to facilitate learning in students, but in doing so its forcing me to re-invent my teaching style- which was always looser and based on student results - successful!  So there is a feeling of “should I be messing with my teaching style” for the sake of a qualification?

Of course, one must temper this with the fact that it would be naive and a little irresponsible of me to assume that its “my way or the highway”!  especially, when many of the teaching models discussed have proven success, and its incumbent on me to become a better teacher, by virtue of the fact that i signed up to be a full-time teacher.

I think I have to get over this reticence, and also academic fear that i have, and learn to embrace it.  I think my concern is that I would be doing it to tick a box and not because I have a genuine desire to improve my teaching skills.  I know thats controversial to say that out loud, but is a genuine feeling.

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